Summer 2010 Spotlight Story: Art Therapy in Chennai, India

Please take a moment to read about the excellent work that Meah Tweh has just begun in India:
Good afternoon,

My name is Meah Tweh and I am a Wayne State University Art Therapy/Counseling Graduate student  that will be traveling to Chennai, India with The George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Summer Abroad Program course entitled 230.60 Art Therapy, International Social and Cultural Diversity to practice art therapy with the local population and to explore the art and cultural traditions in southern India.
This will be a journey for me to become aware of the implications of cross-cultural relationships in art therapy, understand the effects of my worldviews on therapeutic relationships, to gain knowledge of specific racial and cultural populations, and also to effectively engage in cross-cultural therapeutic relationships by taking part in clinical volunteer hours to work with the local population in Chennai, India and nearby cities. I plan to use social media daily to update all interested parties about my travels.

Please, join me in my discovery by checking these websites:

For more information about The George Washington University Study Abroad Program:

For more information about the Wayne State University Art Therapy Program visit:

For more information about Art Therapy as a profession, visit:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful day!



Meah K. Tweh
Graduate Student
Art Therapy Department
Wayne State University



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3 responses to “Summer 2010 Spotlight Story: Art Therapy in Chennai, India

  1. Hey Meah, I think what you’re doing is wonderful! Can’t wait to read about your updates. When are you going?

    I myself am going to Costa Rica for a similar reason as you. I run a nonprofit called drawchange ( ) and we firmly believe how children’s lives can be bettered by art education. So we’re going down there in 3 weeks to teach them art for a week! I’m so excited!!

    Would you like to collaborate at all on this project? I’m currently looking for pre and post creativity tests to give to them to see what a difference a week of art can make.

    What do you think?

  2. Hello. Just found this blog, interesting work. I am an Art Therapist living and working in Regina SK. My blog is Art Therapy Reflections. I look forward to returning here. Warmly, Karen

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