UPDATE: Summer 2010 Spotlight Story

Meah’s Journey

Art Therapy in Chennai, India

Meah Tweh a second year graduate art therapy student recently traveled to Chennai, India from 6/29/2010-07/22/2010 with The George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Summer Abroad Program course entitled 230.60 Art Therapy, International Social and Cultural Diversity to practice art therapy with the local population and to explore the art and cultural traditions in southern India.
The study abroad opportunity in Chennai, India provided her an opportunity to explore Indian culture by immersing herself in another culture.  She was able to learn cultural traditions, practices and beliefs of the people of Chennai, India while gaining a global perspective. This experience allowed Meah to learn about multicultural art therapy in such a way that a theory-laden classroom experience was unable to provide. With the service learning internship component of the course she was able to become more empathetic to diverse populations, and learned the importance of preparation when facilitating art activities. By stepping out of her comfort zone Meah was able to conquer self-imposed anxieties while dispelling cultural biases while meeting dynamic women from the George Washington University. Ultimately, Meah has become a more self-aware individual, challenged her world-views and discovered the true meaning of social and cultural diversity. 
Please, check these websites to track Meah’s progression through this important discovery if you have not already done so:

Other websites of interest:

For more information about The George Washington University Study Abroad Program:

For more information about the Wayne State University Art Therapy Program visit:

For more information about Art Therapy as a profession, visit:
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Meah.

Meah K. Tweh
Wayne State University
Graduate Student
Art Therapy Department
Email: meahtweh@wayne.edu


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